Our 3D panel consists of stylish welded wire mesh panels with V-shaped profile reinforcing folds. The 3D Panel system is an essential element in securely fencing off property. As this is a modular system, it guarantees quick and simple assembly. It is ideal for residential and industrial use as well as for public lawns, gardens and parks. The panels and posts are made out of galvanised steel with a protective polyester coating. The diameter of the panel wire is 5.00 mm.

Matching gates::

  • single or double pedestrian gates
  • single or double vehicle gates
  • sliding gates

The 3D Model is available in RAL 6005 green or RAL 7030 grey.

Double Wire

Our Double Wire model, made from stylish welded wire mesh panels with double longitudinal wiring, is ideal for use in industrial buildings, sports facilities and any sites where maximum security is necessary.The Double Wire 1 Stadio model is made with double longitudinal 8 mm and 6 mm vertical wires. It is ideal for sports facilities and where National Sport Organisations Regulations have to be met. The Double Wire 1 Stadio panel-post conforms to UNI 10121 – UNI13200/3. The Double Wire 2 model is made with double longitudinal 6 mm and 5 mm vertical wiring. The posts are made out of 60×40 mm galvanised sheet steel sections and have a thickness of 2.0 mm (recommended) or 60×60 mm sections with a thickness of 1.5 mm. Available in RAL 6005 green and RAL 7030 grey.

Galvanising meets ISO 1461 requirements and powder coating meets ISO 5254 requirements

Posts for Industrial fencing

To meet all your fencing needs, our company has four post types. Although they are designed differently,
all the posts provide utmost structural security.
Each type of post has a corresponding panel-to-post fixing kit.
The square section post (60×60 mm) is the most popular and famous

  • Rectangular post
  • Europost post
  • Square post
  • Ecopost post