Post to bolt to concrete deck

Temporary Edge Protection System

PATENT PENDING MI2015B000153 | According to EN 13374 – A, B.

  • Panels interlock by 100 mm on a 1700 mm or 2400 mm length.
  •  A 1700 mm or 2400 mm length is erected in a single operation.
  •  The panels can also be installed one on top of the other, up to a maximum
    height of 1900 mm
  •  A double bar along the top of the upper panel provides maximum resistance to
  • The longitudinal side of the base is made of a shaped metal plate (h 250 mm) to
    stop small tools and materials from accidentally falling through.

Innovative clamp
for temporary edge
protection system

Double top bar

We have designed and patented an innovative system for coupling the panel to the post. Just open and close the coupling system at the top to erect your Temporary Edge Protection System.
The section is 2400 mm long; fewer posts, lower costs.

  • No more wooden panels of uncertain certification.
  • Each element of our system is certified to comply with applicable workplace safety standards.
  • In addition to standard sizes, we manufacture posts of up to a maximum height of 1900 mm.

Top up-and-down clamp

Middle up-and-down clamp

Bottom clamp

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