Mobile Fencing

We manufacture mobile fencing panels consisting of 38 mm through to 42 mm vertical tubes (8/10 mm – 12/10 mm thick) and 22-42 mm horizontal tubes (8/10 mm – 10/10 mm thick) with 100×300 mm, 100×250 mm, 37×300 mm or 37×150 mm welded wire mesh (2.20 mm to 3.30 mm diameter galvanised wire). Our panels can be constructed with mesh welded at each corner (flush) or welded at the top of the tube (barbed) according to the most recent market requirements. (2016 EU guidelines).

Panel / panel clamping types

Double wire standard coupling

Coupling on request

Standard clamp

Anti-breaching clamp



Titan structural reinforcement.
Introducing the “Titan” structural reinforcement for mobile fencing.
Tensile tests performed confirm that this accessory applied to the corners of the fencing significantly improves the corners’ tensile strength.
Fits all models. No more corner collapses with Titan structural reinforcement.

To make the perception of the quality of our construction fences immediate, we use this new symbolism.
Choose the quality of your product according to the color from yellow to green.

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