Privacy Opaque 1.2

When municipal regulations require a particularly dignified aspect of the worksite, we recommend using the PRIVACY 1.2 sheet metal model that guarantees compliance with safety standards and adequate protection for traffic. Available as standard in galvanized sendzimir or galvanized sendzimir and powder-coated sheet metal. It can be installed on various Jersey concrete barriers using the appropriate profiled flanges. Some municipalities require them to be coloured

In compliance with the safety standards applied by various municipalities,
the lower part of the panel is coated with a special fluorescent powder that ensures fencing visibility in the dark.

Art. 076/1.2 PRIVACY OPAQUE galvanised sendzimir
Art. 076/1.2/9010 PRIVACY OPAQUE Ral 9010 paint
Art. 076/1.2/5010 PRIVACY OPAQUE Ral 5010 paint
Art. 076/1.2/5002 PRIVACY OPAQUE Ral 5002 paint
Panel size 2200 × 1200 mm
Weight ~16.00 kg
Pieces 100
Panel size 2500 × 1200 mm
Weight ~18.00 kg
Pieces 100