ASTM E84 tests for flame spread and smoke development indicate its suitability for projects requiring strict fire regulations.

3600 x 2500 mm Noise Control Defender module installation.

 Sound absorption up to 40.1 dB

Resistant to atmospheric agents

Fire resistant
ASTM E84 test

Health safe, no glass fibres or stone wool

Outer front layer
Extremely durable, made of high-quality waterproof PVC with the optimum mass to ensure maximum sound absorption.

Soundproof inner layer
Panel core: a lightweight, highly soundproofing composite material.

Waterproof breathable membrane

The membrane allows sound to enter and be absorbed, while retaining moisture on the outside.

Optimum installation
Position barriers close to the noise source for maximum effect.

Barriers absorb noise and prevent reverberation. Noise levels
are reduced between 10 and 32 dB. Independent laboratory tests recorded a noise reduction of up to 40.1 dB
Defender, with its PVC exterior and metal eyelets, is designed to withstand harsh conditions and can be used for many years.
Defender panels are mounted on standard mobile fencing, perimeter fencing, metal fencing, scaffolding or any existing structure capable of bearing the load. An installation kit is available, although standard cable ties can be used.Metal eyelets are located along the edges, so that the panelscan be mounted securely, even overlapping if necessary, to achieve optimum noise reduction.

Quick use and installation
The innovative Defender sound barriers are designed for easy transport, installation and removal. Compact, strong and lightweight, they are flexible and self-locking when rolled up.This allows the best possible use of time and manpower to respond to any short-term or long-term noise reduction needs
Defender panels are safe to handle: they contain no glass fibres or hazardous materials. To ensure safety at night or in dark areas they can be fitted with reflective strips. ASTM E84 fire tests have been conducted. Resistant to water and extreme temperatures (-40°C +70°C). Indipendent tests show thad Defender does not absorb water in all conditions.
Design and customization
Defender was also conceived with special attention to design. It is easy to clean, maintains its appearance over time and can be customized